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Just as we discussed last month regarding Medicaid planning, there is also a lot of misinformation that exists in the area of estate planning. Nearly every day someone will tell us for example, that they heard that if you have a will "there is no probate". Unfortunately, this type of erroneous information is often passed on as helpful estate planning advice. Clients frequently learn the hard way that relying on such advice can cost them thousands of dollars. In an effort to help educate and prevent others from making these all too common mistakes, we have complied our list of the top 10 estate planning mistakes.

Quaker Oats was doing a promotion and they put deeds to one square inches of the Yukon in cereal boxes. It was the fantasy, the mystique of owning land in a faraway place that got to me. The promotion was for the show "Sergeant Preston and the Royal Mounties" and in the advertising and sales promotion communities, the Quaker Oats promotion was crowned "the promotion of the century." The 20th century, anyway.

Seek advice from a reputable divorce lawyer. It is good you seek out a reputable divorce Elder Law to help you with some sound legal advice before getting a divorce. This is a wise step to take if you consider issues of assets and children.

Examine your specific circumstances and the pertinent legal issues. Your attorney may ask: How serious is the injury? Is the damage done temporary or permanent? Who was at fault? Was anyone involved an uninsured or underinsured motorist? Could a third party possibly be responsible? Have you had any pain or suffering? Should we negotiate with the insurer? If there is an offer, should you accept it? What is your case worth (keep in mind, the insurance company knows exactly how much your case is worth but they will not tell you)? Which fits this case: small claims court, state court of settling out of court? Without a qualified representative from an established Roanoke personal injury law firm, you likely will not know where to begin when handling your case.

You may here find that your Knoxville TN bankruptcy attorney thinks that there are other options for you besides bankruptcy. Credit counseling and credit consolidation can be other options. Or they could give you other advice as well. Don't assume that just because they are a bankruptcy lawyer that they will try to convince you to go bankrupt regardless. Your lawyer won't be able to help you with anything besides bankruptcy but they can definitely point you to someone who can. Click here to learn more about Knoxville Chapter 7 lawyer.

Kahn is sort of a Stepford Husbands makeover of Hamed, and lest the Hollywood overtones of that seem a mirage, Khan spent the rest of the fall standing in for Oscar De La Hoya at Pacquiao's sparring sessions in Hollywood. I saw him there on my Nov. 12 visit and, well, rooting interests have been built upon less.

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